SaaS and disintermediatisation of software

Recently a number of blogs I have been reading have been eluding that IBM should be providing products such as Rational Req Pro through Software as a Service (SaaS)

Aqualung has been quite vocal asking if IBM are missing out on an opportunity, with James Monk chasing the subject matter further.

We here at Toast are in the process of establishing Where we are hoping to eventualy provide a multi-tenant IBM WebSphere Portal service using on-demand pricing in a SaaS model. This is some time off as we have not been able to secure on-demand pricing at this time to facilitate this process.

If IBM were to provide their software through a SaaS model direct to clients, this would disenchant the IBM Business Partner community and conflict with IBM’s existing partner programs. I would argue at the moment that this may be a big concern to certain persons in IBM, as it would result in disintermediatisation of the software channel.

Whilst there are clear advantages in providing SaaS model to clients, there also still needs to be channels for the intermediaries. What’s required are new innovative business models that allow on demand pricing and provisioning of components by Business Partners to their clients.

Having worked on projects in the early days of providing SaaS based services, I’m clearly seeing now that the market has changed and is more ready to accept critical business functions provided through SaaS. The world is getting smaller and these services can be provided from anywhere in the world.

If anyone knows of what IBM is planning to do in this space, it would be great to hear from you?

We are hoping through to create something special that can be used for our existing and potential new clients.

Our final objective is to create a SaaS integration point to facility provisioning of new SaaS services by third parties through means of using Google Gadgets, Portlets and WSRP  (Web Service for  Remote Portlets). So, if there is anyone reading this blog that wants to get in at the ground floor, give us a yell!


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