The end of Workplace Services Express and return of WebSphere Portal Express

We started promoting WebSphere Portal Express with the initial release of V5. The product was priced at a nice price point but lacked a Web Content Management component to provide an out-of-the-box type intranet and extranet.
Then we were invited to participate in a IBM Beta program for an exciting new Beta program called Portal X. This name was later changed to Workplace Services Express (WSE), I thought Portal X was cooler. By the way we were the second organisation in the world to sell WSE. The other organisation that beat us to the gun, sold it before it was officially avaialble – thus you could argue that we were the first to really sell it.

WSE product was great because, sorry to the Lotus Domino guys, there was no reliance on Lotus Domino, which did not run on Linux at that stage and ran on a single server. It also had integrated, java sip based, presence awareness. Still the Web Content Management components were missing.

Now they have brought it back to WebSphere Portal Express and included Web Content Management – finally now a product that can be deployed on a single server to create a complete Intranet and Extranet. Time to go back and update all my presentations and material for SMB. I think WebSphere Portal Express 6 is going to be a real winner for SMB or departmental computing. Well at least for those guys who still want on-premise software and to attempt to do everything themselves. So if you would like us to host it for you, and support it in a single tenant arrangement, give us a yell.

The next question I’m going to really have is how are IBM planning to integrate the new products announced Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connection? Must admit though these products sound great. They finally gave me the inspiration to set this blog up to get used to blogging.

I’m glad they are consolidating the products. Anyway, by IBM bringing everything from Workplace back into the WebSphere Portal product, it makes our Business Portal Server offering more attractive.


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