What am I to do with my email system? Whats happening with Workplace Collaboration Services?

We at Toast Technology have been running our email through Workplace Collaboration Services. Seems to do the job OK, have used a SuSe Linux Enterprise Server postfix setup as a smart host and for allowing multiple aliases for a single email address.

Understand that with the end of Workplace, we’ll need to find a new email system. Sorry to the Lotus Domino guys, but I’m not sure that we really want to run Domino.

Will move all our documents over soon to the Portal Document Manager in WebSphere Portal 6. Am hearing shortly as well that Sametime will be Java based. Yeh, will be able to deploy.

We don’t run any windows servers here, so we can only deploy on SuSe Linux Enterpise Server. I’m also trying to run my desktop through Linux, as much as possible.

Hannover sounds great but I have enough Eclipse based work benches running. My notebook only has 2GB of Memory.

So am interested to hear from people if they think I should migrate to Lotus Domino (should I wait for Lotus Domino 8?) or what alternatives people would recommend?

In the past people have recommended Zimbra – no one seems to be using it where we are here in Adelaide, Australia. So, why should we learn how to install and support it?


2 thoughts on “What am I to do with my email system? Whats happening with Workplace Collaboration Services?

  1. We switched to Zimbra for our company email and for some of our clients (we are in Indonesia but we run Zimbra on a US based server. I like it a lot except for the slow start on low bandwidth connections for Webmail.
    All depends what you want out of it however – what services do you need to have?

  2. We’re currently a Zimbra shop so I can definitely help. Do you want to run it yourself or via a service provider? To get the most out of it hosted, i think you really need to choose a rich client front end. if you want to be able to use on the road you definitely do. i am intrigued Ewan only notices performance issues on startup. Zimbra has some nice interface innovations but obviously that’s only through the via the browser at this point.
    Regarding what Ed Brill says the new Notes stuff is pretty damn slick.
    Scalix or open exchange are other alternatives

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