What systems can be provided through SaaS?

I ‘m reading a lot of blogs that are predicting that SaaS (Software as a Service) will become pervasive in 2007. The majority of the notions of SaaS software seem to be around CRM, Content Mangement, Blogs, Email and Calendar, so it could be summed up by what is provided by Blogger, Sales Force and Google Apps for Your Domain .

Now that we have sales and collaboration sorted out, what is left to be provided as a service?

At first glance, you may struggle to answer the question, as it appears to be quite a complete list for small businesses even for larger organisations.

Now for larger organisations, the list at first glance appears to be complete because their are existing notions of the importance and criticality of your existing internal systems. Your probably thinking they could never be provided as a service to our organisation. Well, I hope this blog entry will start the thought process as to how they might become so in the future?

What appears to be happening is that these systems that were developed pre-web, are to a degree no longer considered a strategic corporate asset. That is the focus of the executive management team is elsewhere on other issues. The systems have been functioning well and they are now a commodity and are also a cost center. Every other organisation in your business segment has a similar system. There are slight differences, that may be called Points of Variability (POV). Sound familiar?

Ok, so with a little more research we could find some candidate systems to be provided through a SaaS mechanism in our organisation.

If you have read this far in this blog entry then you agree there is room. I am extremely interested to know what you have just thought that could be provided through SaaS? 🙂 well this is supposed to be the social web


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