Blogging for Beginners – use SaaS

Following is an extract from an email I sent to some people earlier regarding Blogging. Its interesting how foreign blogging appears to a lot of people. I’m in the process of creating a Planet Blog for the IT Architecture SIG.

What software are you using for creating your blogs and exploring the blogosphere? Would love to hear if I have left anything popular out or if there are some handy beginners guides out there!

Not my attention at this stage to provide a blogging service through a
SaaS mechanism.

At this stage the IT Architects blog and feed is an aggregation of
other feeds and blogs (eg I am aggregating categories of SOA and SaaS
from my personal blog). Which as we discussed through email over the
weekend sounded better.

I think this will result in some usage as it is a pull mechanism, from
the efforts that people are presently doing anyway.

Would suggest that persons looking to create their own personal blog
join up say at technorati, blogger, typepad  (costs money), bloglines
there are lots of other SaaS type services available. I think even
MySpace has a blogging tool.

Those people opposed to using products through a SaaS mechanism, will
find some of the more popular software available for install on their
own server as either 
Apache Roller
(which is what is built
with) or WordPress .

Firefox comes with a plugin called Sage as a blog
reader and Google also now has Google Reader. I’m sure
there are Microsoft specific Blog Reading tools, but I’m not really
fond of Microsoft products.

Just found a link that looks interesting for Blogging for Beginners


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