WebSphere Portal & Google Gadgets with a Linux desktop

Have been reading about how WebSphere Portal will be supporting Google Gadgets. eWeek has written a great article on it – IBM Links Google Gadgets to WebSphere Portal.

I know its a bit early but I started to investigate what does this mean.

According to Google Code, there are two types of Gadgets:

Google Desktop only works on Microsoft Windows. I’d love it to work on my Linux desktop as well. Does anyone know if this is going to happen? SuSe Linux Enterprise Desktop supports .NET through Project Mono.

Thus if the Google Desktop Gadgets are to be made available through WebSphere Portal they will not work on my Linux Desktop. Someone correct me here if I’m wrong! Google Desktop Gadgets are written in JavaScript, C, C++, C#, and/or VB.Net . Google why can’t we use Java, Python, Ruby etc? Is this a sign of Google being Evil?

Now I know Google Univeral Gadgets will work on linux, because i’ve tried them, so I’d be confident in saying that these would work through WebSphere Portal on my linux desktop.

Can anyone from IBM or Google add some colour here?

Will I finally be able to decomission all my Windows desktops or not?


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