A Portal represents many Organisational Views

Many organisations have developed an Intranet that is used for internal communication to its employees. As organisations look to utilise sub-contractors, in essence out source non-core aspects of their business, there is a need to communicate these messages outside the organisation.

Thus the need to extend the Intranet to be an Extranet. When this occurrs, there is some information that you may consider that should not be made available. One could argue then that you have created a view of your organisation that is personalised for that external audience.

Hang on, does that mean that anyone on the Internet is just another "Organisatonal View"? Well yes, they are viewing information and if the capability does not exist yet, it will exist shortly, for them to interact with your organisation. How well do you provide services for them?

So what happens to your Intranet, when your employees, sub-contractors, trading partners and customers are interacting with your organisation through the different Organisational Views that you have?

Well your Intranet, Extranet combined with your Internet sites, become personalised views of your organisation’s content and applications. The capabilities of a Portal help provision this capability in a secure means independent of where the person is or device from, that is used to access.


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