Upgraded to WPS 6.0.1

Noticed that the first release level fix pack was out for WebSphere Portal 6. We had been having some strange problems for JSF based Portlets and thought we’d give it a go.

The installation works quite well, if you follow the instructions in the Infocenter. My development machine has WebSphere Process Server on and this process takes a little longer. If you have this environment, don’t upgrade to WebSphere Application Server and apply patches first, as there is a handy batch/script file to do this with the WebSphere Process Server 6.0.2 Fix Pack (which includes the WAS fix pack and patches). If you are like me and only have 2GB of Ram on your IBM Thinkpad, close down none essential programs to free up as much memory as possible – I ran out of virtual memory during the upgrade.

Still I noticed that there is no support as yet for Linux for WebSphere Process Server.

Also, the default now for the Portal Fix Packs is to overwrite themes, but not screens. So if you want to see the new screens (login, logout and profile), you must export the WPS ear etc. If you have created your own theme, you need to reinstall it.

I noticed as well, just as they released the WPS 6.0.1 fix pack they released a Jumpstart intranet for – this unfortunately does not appear to have been included in the prementioned fix pack.

Still, no new standard composite templates have been installed through the WPS 6.0.1 fix pack – these would be great for demonstration purposes.

Ran the commands to refresh the content libraries, and our web sites worked – remember to put back any custom JSPs that you may have developed.


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