How important is Microsoft Office in your business day?

People who know me, know that I have be preparing for a dramatically reduced Microsoft business world. Don’t get me wrong, I think Microsoft has their place, I’m just not certain for how much longer. We don’t use Microsoft Exchange or Outlook and do not run any servers that run Microsoft operating systems. This has caused me grief as I have not been able to deploy some IBM software like Lotus Sametime, apparently the Linux Intel version is not too far away.

On the desktop, I’m on the verge of completely cutting over to Open Office, as it performs over 95% of the activities that in general I need to do. Have been checking out the office capabilities in the new Lotus Notes 8
client, I believe IBM has called them "Productivity Editors". Was on the verge of completely cutting over to a Linux desktop, but the local government here in South Australia, brought in an e-Projects Panel that required the use of some terrible software that would only run on a Windows desktop. At least they asked for all documents to be submitted in Adobe PDF format.

With the advent of other Web 2.0 mash up and enterprise social software tools, I suspect that Microsoft Office has become irrelevant!

How much of your day is now spent in Microsoft Office?


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