Corporate cave and blogging

Do people have an "Internet Personality" and a "Corporate Personality"?

Certain people that I talk to would love to blog about some of the subjects that I have done in the past. They them selves are hesitant to blog about some subjects on the internet because of their current perceived sense of what is considered acceptable by the corporation or organisation that they are currently employed in.

One could argue that this pervasive sense of foreboding is analogies to an explorer with in a corporate cave. According to wikipedia, "a cave is a natural underground void large enough for a human to enter. Some people suggest that the term ‘cave’ should only apply to cavities that have some part which does not receive daylight". hmmm, at least in corporations they have Windows on their desktops.  Reading further on wikipedia it states ‘Caves are found throughout the world, but only a portion of them have been explored and doumented by cavers’. So these people blogging at the moment, from within a corporation, I would argue are corporate cave explorers.

What better way to start documenting an organisation then by allowing people to blog and seeking confirmation of the validity of the entries by gaining comment from the community at large that your organisation interacts with. This wealth of information that will be gained and validated quicker by allowing conservations to extend past the normal boundaries of an enterprise will result in innovation and qualified organisational change that benefits your extended organisational community. However, persons in a more senior position will need to help facilitate persons to acquire a sense of confidence to overcome the foreboding and close the gap between their "Internet Personality" and their "Corporate Personality".

Corporations will need to trust their cavers and give them the tools, confidence, trust (they are not going to release secrets) and commitment to succeed.


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