Google Gadgets for WebSphere Portal have arrived

Found this article, Enhancing your portal using Google Gadgets with WebSphere Portal V6.0 ,on developerWorks.

This article addresses my previous concerns regarding what type of Google Gadgets are going to be made available and how they are to be provisioned through WebSphere Portal. I believe the Desktop Google Gadgets are not being made available.

I’ll need to give it a whirl shortly and will write another blog entry with the results of the experiment. This integration is very exciting as it is bringing previously Internet only type technology back through the firewall into the corporation.

What I have noticed is that the preferences for the Customization node are stored in the standard portlet preferences.

One thing that I have not seen as yet is the ability to do inter-portlet communication through the property broker to enable wiring between other JSR-168 portlets and the IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets. Why would you want to do this? Well to do effective mashups you need to be able to communicate between portlets/gadgets. For example, you receive a customer inquiry with an address, click on the address and the user should be able see the corresponding map on the Google Map Gadget on the same page. Would be good if someone from IBM or Google can tell us how to do this?


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