Feel free to blog

Aqualung said that he unleashed a monster when I started blogging… well its interesting to see what the reactions are of certain people. 

I’m wandering if there has been a generation who have grown up now over the last ten or so years with email that are nervous, concerned or a little too maybe reserved to be able to easily write a blog? I’m finding that blog entries are perceived differently from email and you don’t need to be as guarded with them for reasons I’ll explain later

A lot of people I know of, have had an email that they have written go around and cause all sought of noise a few weeks or months later when the situation has changed. Well I think we have all learnt not to put that sought of material in writing unless we absolutely have to. Lets let some one else do it instead, right…

No no, thats not the attitude now, I think people are respecting those who are willing to put their credibility on the line by actually putting forward a position that they believe is correct. There is also an air of respect given to it, if it is open and people are able to give their feedback such that everyone can see it – nothing hidden.

So give it a go, feel free to blog – if you’ve been bitten by a past email, the politicians, diplomats and others that may be reading this can always use the line – well its been available for comment since blah, why didn’t you correct me before! 


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