ATOM feeds as a source of content using WebSphere Portal Personalization

I’ve been writing my blog for a while and wanted to use some of the entries as content on some of our web sites. Syndicated content through ATOM Syndication Format is becoming very popular, and our blog server software, Apache Roller (this is using a lot of technology that will be in Lotus Connections), supports it. So, as the weather wasn’t looking that favorable today for a bike ride, I thought I’d set it up.

There had been an article on IBM developersWorks – Extending WebSphere Portal V6 personalization capabilities: Part 4.Deployting a resource collection that uses an ATOM feed, which showed how to include Apache Abdera, which is in incubation status, to be able to parse and then include an ATOM feed, as a personalization rule. After getting the example working retrieving the last ten or so images categories ed as IBM from Flickr (don’t ask about the photos retrieved), I thought it was time to use my blog as the syndication source and get something useful done.

I created two Personalization rules, one for my blog entries categorised as /Portal and the other for /SOA. I then previewed both of them in the Personalization Editor to make sure they were picking up the entries ok. Once successful, it was time to configure Web Content Management to use the Personalization Rules and place the content on the site. This happens by creating a Personalization component and pointing them to the Personalization Rules, and including appropriate HTML for formating purposes. I placed the components, as postBody components on some new pages and it was all done. Pretty easy 🙂

You can view the results and compare it to the Atom feeds, if you are viewing this from the permalink.

/Portal –


/SOA –

So if people are writing blogs internally, this would be an ideal way to add some content to your Portal or Web Sites.


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