Is there any value in being an Oracle Partner?

We just lost the purchase of some Oracle software to EDS, explanation here. After calming down from the hype of the chase of the sale, and letting clearer heads prevail etc I started thinking about our involvement with Oracle software, I thought is there any value in continuing to be an Oracle Partner?

The conclusions I drew is that there is not much at all.


Oracle Middleware is still very buggy, we had to patch the installation process for Oracle SOA Suite on a Linux box before we could even get it to start. We then were getting intermittent errors using Oracle XE (we couldn’t use Oracle Std Ed or Oracle Ent Ed as the correct version wasn’t available yet), so we then had to find some obscure way of overcoming the restrictions in Oracle XE before the software would work.

We can’t guarantee that we will secure some income from promoting and being involved in the sale of a large transaction.

We don’t make any recurring revenue off of support renewals.

We seem to be continuously invited to quote such that we can discount to fit into the client’s budget as everyone now expects large discounts for Oracle software. So there goes all margin. On the database and Forms/Reports front everyone has DBAs and developers and so don’t require any services.

We can’t make revenue from product sale into the large accounts as they are all on Unlimited Deployment Programs. We don’t want to bid fix price for services, as their software is buggy and everytime we do we get burnt.

We just completed a marketing activity, fully funded by Oracle, where we did not find any valid opportunities. There fore there is hardly any demand. It was very interesting to find the number of organisations as well that have gone Microsoft (and as their IT Strategy, its a Brand not a Stragey)

The Australian Oracle Channel Manager is leaving, going back to his previous role. So there mustn’t be any money in it for them as well as they mustn’t be making target.

I know this is the crazy month for Oracle, as it is the end of their financial year, but this seems to override as well any loyalty to the Oracle Partners as well as achieving targets and executive bonuses is the goal. It doesn’t matter if we burn a partner or two or three to reach it.

Other local Oracle Partners have been in trouble for years (I hope this was not because I was taking their sales) 

We just can’t see how we can make money out of Oracle on an ongoing basis.


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