Open invitation to Oracle Executives to respond – am willing to discuss!

Following is the contents of an email that I sent to some Oracle persons. Someone from Oracle please respond!

In the event that Toast Technology Pty Ltd is not awarded the tender at XXX for the procurement of the Oracle licenses (which has occurred, further info here), we will be divesting
from all other pre-sales and development activities into the Adelaide
market for Oracle products and services until such time that Oracle can
ensure us that this is a viable market to invest in.

I hope you appreciate the position that we are in, and we do enjoy
working with the Oracle channel but at the present time we are not
finding this to be a viable business. If you believe we are not taking
advantage of the Oracle programs such that we may make the Oracle
portion of the Toast Technology Pty Ltd business viable and profitable
can you please advise.

Am willing to discuss anytime!

Kind Regards,

Nick Hortovanyi



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