Empowering IT to enable innovation

Are we starting to see a resurgence in business to allow IT to do what it does best – facilitate innovation in the business?

Many reading this would have careers in IT that have spanned generations of technology and seen lots of interesting technologies evolve. There are now so many products and technologies available it is becoming difficult to determine "which are potential candidates?" and at "what stage should they be introduced into your organisation?".

I believe there has also been another inhibiting factor, being IT departments led by so called "business" focused people. These persons, have chosen the lowest risk options and in some cases the lowest cost options as well where the focus may have inadvertently led to what I am calling Contract Based IT Management. Once embedded, these contracts dictate the technology being used, the people supporting them and to a large extent stop change. They may have created some short benefit through imposing a new structure where previously activity may have been considered slightly chaotic. In addition, through outsourcing the organisation may have lost some of their brightest human assets.

Well we know the IT industry is continuously changing. So for how long can an organisation afford to keep this status quo that has been imposed by the previous contracts established? I think the first sign is when users are starting to suggest that their internal systems are dated and no longer reflect current business processes.

So what are these contracts now doing that facilitates innovation in your business?

The IT professionals that I know, whilst realising that Contracts are important, do not want to be known as Contract Administrators.

If the answer is not, that it is facilitating your remaining internal IT team to focus on innovation in the business. Then maybe ask why?

Freeing up people’s time from contract administration and releasing funds to focus on innovation through in sourcing and teaming with specialised organisations, when appropriate, may be the means to start empowering your IT.

I’m starting to see signs of this becoming a general trend. What are you seeing?


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