Treating applications as content

We’ve had a strong focus recently on service offerings around traditional static content. I’m now moving forward with some newer ideas I have around provisioning of applications as content through a subscription model.

I first worked on this back in 2001, that is the provisioning of online communities that combined content and applications that were specific for a type of community. Access to these online communities was through a subscription to a billable package of components. Where the billable package really contained the template of the components that made that community.

At that stage we did not have the great frameworks that we have today through such standards as JSR-168 and products like WebSphere Portal. What I’m seeing is the potential to create an integration point through WebSphere Portal. From a technical perspective, the facilities or components required to provision fully functional communities, be they sourced of internal or external capabilities is missing. But the framework for use is there?

On a past project we worked on a subscription model and it is now time I think to expand those concepts to be able then provision a community through either a composite application or through a virtual portal. I wish you didn’t have to perform some manual configuration and restart WebSphere Portal to enable a new realm.

Would love to hear from people that can pick up the mistake(s) in the above!

Some interesting times ahead – content is important, but without application it is static. I leave you with a few questions – do published applications give your content context? if so, how does your application index its content?


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