Composite SaaS Services – who ownes what?

I’ve met some interesting people that have great plans to use SaaS mechanisms to provision their software in an Off-premise mode to clients. Its seen as a key way of being able to provide better services to existing customers. The additional benefits would also include more personalised and interactive updates of both application, domain knowledge as well as immediacy of engagement through presence awareness technology.

The interesting point though, is the perceived need to own all IP of the SaaS service, including the provisioning mechanisms.

What I’m working towards is a multi-tenant services with multiple application services, so clear identification of Intellectual Property (IP) is required to enable protection of each parties inventions. It does start to raise a set of interesting issues regarding composite services that comprise capabilities from the provisioning framework, as the applications IP will in all likelihood be dependent on the provisioning framework’s IP.

One way I can see to overcome this is to create or use a standards mechanism for SaaS provisioning. However, I have not come across one yet. So if you know of one please let me know?


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