Projecting your organisation through portals

It happened to me again, I was talking to someone seeking information about their products and services. With me being the person that I am, the questions that I ask soon go past the current technical knowledge of the person I am talking to. So at this stage, I’m directed to their portal.

This means another login, url etc to remember. 

What I’d love to see from these guys is the ability to consume their content such that I can bring it into my portal, and place it where I want it. WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portals) is one way of achieving this through consumption through a secure service of a remote portlet.

So reading this, one could argue that the content should be open and free.

However, the business community at large, is not at the same level of appreciation in my view about the benefits of openly sharing information, as say the IT community. One way of describing a more restricted community is as a gated community, where members of that community need be known and authorized to access the content.


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