Trends for 2008 corporate web sites

Our current company web site, gets great comment from the people who read it as a great example of a corporate web site. There are a few pages that get some hits and this is mainly people trying to find out about us, our services or our contact information. In contrast our blog server gets a significant higher number of hits, not only from the search engines but also from our ATOM/RSS syndicated content that is propagated to other aggregators.

The difference is so much so, that our organisation has started working on a new web site for 2008 and beyond.

The aim of this web site so far, is to:

  • showcase our delivery capabilities through example;
  • highlight recent blog entries for those that may not know of our blog server;
  • leverage our investment in social software;
  • promote our company, our success, our services and our products;
  • use web 2.0 style components to create a richer experience;
  • deliver more meaningful and precise memes in a shorter time frame;
  • create an interactive brochure about our organisation;
  • reduce reliance on "www" type addresses;
  • move to a more dynamic and richer experience;
  • maintain just enough content on the page for Search Engines;
  • direct people to other means of learning about us as people (living mamals) and engaging with us besides the "traditional" brochure ware site; and
  • show what we believe to be the corporate web site style for 2008 to 2010 time frame.

To achieve the above we are experimenting at the moment with a one page interactive design using tools from Google Code, mootools and the Dojo Toolkit along with flash animation (reverting to static images for those corporates that have not enabled it). The one page interactive design is really different and does look cool (not ready to show people just yet).

To a large extent, our current production site, has been optimised for speed with lower bandwidth connections. Looking at Google Analytics that represents less then 5% of visitors. So the new site will load slower for the dialup guys, but c’mon they should upgrade to something better anyway (hope I’m not being discriminate)

Consideration was given for using our blog server as our web site with a couple of extra pages, but I don’t think corporates are ready for that (or maybe it is us who are not ready?). So our experiment with the pre-mentioned aims, seems to be shaping up nicely.


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