Our 2008 styled web site

We’ve finally done it and released the new web site http://www.toasttechnology.com.au . This is our new one page design that I talked about in a previous entry – Trends for 2008 corporate web sites. We have put key messages about our company on that page and included cool things from the MooTools tool kit and stuff from Google Code like the Google AJAX Feed API so its got a strong Web 2.0 focus.

Now we have tried to take into account those corporate users that don’t have Flash (yes, they do exist)  by having a fall back image  for them. The page does take a little longer to load then our previous front page but the number of dial up users accessing our old site is minimal.

Many thanks to Alex, Ric and Claire for their valuable help with this exercise 😉 .

One key thing we have done, is linked in a wiki server at http://wiki.toasttechnology.com.au . The wiki is open to any person who registers to read/write pages. As such we are going to actively seek for organisations that we work with and partner with to update content directly. I think this is going to be the real challenge!


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