Social Browsing using Flock

The other day, I decided to give Flock a go, Flock Browser – The Social Web Browser.

Its built on top of the mozilla engine and at first I questioned why it was not a plugin say for Firefox. Firing it up for the first time and after connecting to my favourite social software site I understood why its a standalone browser.

The main strengths are that it integrates your media, feeds, bookmarks and people information in a uniform interface and makes it easy to connect to the providing service. You just enter the URL and login in the browser, it does the rest of the work for you. Its secure as it is using the mozilla engine to maintain security.

Now there will be a number of people that will be alarmed that it can easily integrate through introspection of your activites. However, there are a number of people I know now that keep saying not another tool, I can’t keep track of the ones I have already. Well, Flock makes this task easier. Instead of having separate applications/windows open for each application just have Flock open.

This leads me to think "What will the possibilities be like for this tool, when OpenID has been more fully accepted?" I’d like to see the ability to be asked to register at a new site, with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If I say ‘Yes’, the client would self register with all information that I have made available publicly and integrate the services into the tool. Wouldn’t that be magical and it would also save me a lot of time with my friends and associates that lag behind a little :).

Am keen to see Ver 2.0, which I understand will be available shortly, as this is going to integrate into google mail. But whats missing, I believe is integration into some of the on-premise type software that is used by most corporate types. In addition, not sure if its possible but I would like to see integration with LinkedIn.

So for now, I’ve integrated my blog roll, facebook, twitter and Can’t wait for email (anyone know if there are plans for local Thunderbird integration?)

BTW, I’m posting this blog entry into our blog server through flock as well. Nice! Well done to the guys at Flock, this is going to shake a few three letter corporate types up :).

Blogged with Flock

The tags don’t quite post properly in Apache Roller 4,soI had to cut and paste them through the editor  and I can’t select the category to put it under.


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