Rivers of conversations at the edge on twitter

A couple of days ago, I found an article by the Burton Group on the current excitement surrounding Microsoft Sharepoint. As I have a focus with WebSphere Portal, any article describing whats happening with Sharepoint is of interest to me. Especially, when Sharepoint appears to be being chosen because of perceived short comings with other on-premise collaborative software or as a result of pressure from Microsoft only focused consultants.

So I thought I’d tweet about it on twitter (a micro blogging tool). It was a very simple question that I posed "Why is Sharepoint doing so well?" you can see it here. Denis Howlett, of ZDNet fame, who follows me on twitter, immediately responded to me and then off started a discussion, that ended up spanning many people. Denis, summarised the discussions that followed in a blog entry (maybe read from the bottom up). 

It was a very interesting read, as I had not thought of myself as being an edgling, participating in the media fabric. We are using these tools to build relationships and communicate with people, that are not located in the same geographic region as our selves. The usage of these type of tools is second nature to us and an invaluable part of our day.

Through twitter though, I’m seeing some very interesting relationships form and watching some conversations that ordinarily I would not of had the privilege to watch or join in with. You can see what I’m saying from my twitter id hortovanyi. Its hard at times to follow from just one users perspective. So the more you follow, the more interesting the journey down the river will be. Enjoy!


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