Evolution of Composite Service Architecture standards

SOA has evolved from hype to a mature set of standards. Am glad that people’s thinking is moving it away from Just a Bunch of Web Services (JBOWS) to a more component services architecture. This from a simplistic view means defining clear interfaces for the tiers as the means of interaction. Bindings may be in multiple languages and through different mechanism (ie JSON, WebServices).

Importantly the standards that are evolving are language independent. All be it, outside of the Microsoft world, significant effort has been placed by the major vendors into the two following standards:

They have essentially evolved from the work of the osoa.org (Open Service Oriented Architecture) organisation. I believe since the initial specifications have been released that the work has now been handed over to OASIS Open CSA – Composite Services Architecture.

SDO has become an important technology, over the last few years, in IBM WebSphere for use with JSF (Java Server Faces). Increasingly SCA will become more dominate in middleware components. So its worth the time to learn more about it and experiment. 


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