Future of portals

Is the purpose of a portal to just aggregate details about
services or to provide a unified experience?

Doing some research
today, I came across WebCentral’s
Application Marketplace
. It intrigued me, as it’s purpose, seemed
to be to only aggregate information about other SAAS Service Providers.
That, is that it is only a directory of other services, that you would
have to join individually (and be billed separately) with different user
experiences. I’ve written
, about the potential benefits, of software multitenancy to
drive operational efficiency.

To me it would seem that an
Application Marketplace should have the buying and selling in it?

you can see the fundamental issue that I had with it. In my view, an
Application Marketplace, should be a Portal, that acts as a SaaS
integration point of multiple service providers, with a unified
experience for the people that are going to use it.


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