Companies Using MS Word “Out of Habit,” Says Forrester

I came across this interesting article on slashdot this morning – Companies using MS Word "Out of Habit," Says Forrester

"A Forrester Research report has found that companies use Microsoft Word for word processing out of habit rather than necessity and are beginning to consider other alternatives as the Web has changed the way people create and share documents. The report, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The Microsoft Word Love Story," by analyst Sheri McLeish, suggests that businesses may still be using Word because it is familiar to users or because they have a legacy investment in the application, not because it is the best option."

It was easy giving up on Microsoft software for work. I now use a combination of Open Office, Google Docs and iWork depending on what I’m trying to achieve. So don’t believe that the only option is Microsoft Office. If you haven’t tried some of the other products give them a go, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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