Being disruptive in a conservative world

Change is brought about by deeply questioning what is presented to one-self and then forming a strategy to leverage the potential that has been discovered. In many cases this strategy may break with some of the inherent truths and attitudes that have previously been observed.

Conservatism to me, represents that holding to what has been known to
work in the past or is the established way of engagement that is
adhered to without question. Its this conservatism that often needs
disruption to enable progress.

The very act of questioning and presenting alternates for discussion can also cause concern and discomfort to some. To me this is important, that is the questioning, and dissenting voices should be listened to. Diversity of thought is critical. Is the discomfort that some feel, as a result of that person’s nature or is it because of some conflict of interest or is it because they are defending a previous decision, that was right when made, but now may not be or the other scenario I do not mention has occurred? I always find this interesting, when one person tries to muffle another person’s questioning before any constructive debate has occurred. 


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