Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing

The RAD (Reliable Adaptive Distributed) Lab at Berkely have released a white paper on cloud computing. There is also a blog Above the Clouds which has a YouTube Discussion of the paper and an Executive Summary on this very interesting phenonem.

They believe, as do I, that Cloud Computing will transform the IT community. If you are working in the IT Industry its important to understand this paradigm shift that is occurring.

The paper highlights the Top 10 Obstacles to and Opportunities for Growth of Cloud Computing. Table follows:

Obstacle Opportunity
1 Availability of Service Use Multiple Cloud Providers; Use Elasticity to Prevent DDOS
2 Data Lock-In Standardize APIs; Compatible SW to enable Surge Computing
3 Data Confidentiality and Auditability Deploy Encryption, VLANs, Firewalls; Geographical Data Storage
4 Data Transfer Bottlenecks FedExing Disks; Data Backup/Archival; Higher BW Switches
5 Performance Unpredictability Improved VM Support; Flash Memory; Gang Schedule VMs
6 Scalable Storage Invent Scalable Store
7 Bugs in Large Distributed Systems Invent Debugger that relies on Distributed VMs
8 Scaling Quickly Invent Auto-Scaler that relies on ML; Snapshots for Conservation
9 Reputation Fate Sharing Offer reputation-guarding services like those for email
10 Software Licensing Pay-for-use licenses; Bulk use sales



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