Google apps for your domain – practicing what I teach

For a while we have been running our own email server with a postfix setup using google apps for your domain (GAFYD) for calendar services. I’d setup GAFYD under a different domain from (yes, it was a little untidy) and also wanted to integrate everything in with a complete integrated move to the cloud.

It didn’t take very long at all to create a new GAFYD setup including updating the DNS entry per google’s instructions.  If you do it yourself, watch out for the first couple of days, as some emails may still arrive at your previous email server’s IP address. It was also easy to integrate google apps with Now I can send an email directly inside of through gmail and have it recorded against the appropriate contact.

I should of done this ages ago, as now I’m using IMAP so it doesn’t matter from where I view an email or from where I send it. All devices including my iPod touch are updated. As I’ve made the move, and haven’t had any troubles, I’m confident now to recommend it to others.

In my mind I really don’t understand why most organisations are still hosting their own email servers. If SLAs and 25GB email inboxes are a most then use the Google Apps for business professional version.


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