Microsoft wanting in on Open Source

Microsoft is to be Keynoting Sun’s Java One conference.

I wasn’t sure if I had read this correctly from James Governor’s blog post, so I reread it. Yes there it is, here I’ll quote it for you, if you don’t believe me, James said "Microsoft is keynoting. That’s right- Microsoft is to give a keynote at Java One. Now first off I have to say I have no idea what the content of the announcement will be, but I am led to believe there will be real news.".

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a change in attitude by a number of Softies (that’s what I call Microsoft focused Developers) towards Open Source. It is no longer an evil word for them and some have even asked if I wanted to work on a project with them. Now for me, this is quite shocking. Those guys that spent years portraying FUD and fear, with the Java and Open Source software I used, now wanted to get on board.

I can remember someone saying that if .NET didn’t come along they would have left the Microsoft world as programming in VB and ASP had become a bit dull and boring. Is that what is occurring now with .NET? Maybe a seven year itch is at play? Is the wider Microsoft community looking for more? I know within certain circles, well ones that I know, people tell me that they get a lot of flak for working with .NET from other colleagues they know.

The question I pose is, will the java and open source communities let these lost tribe members back in?


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