Google Wave – could be the end of the email inbox

I started watching the Google I/O Keynote yesterday, and thought this is going to eat up nearly an hour and an half of my time, so I put it on the back burner.

Off I went reading my blogs and others sites. Eventually I came across an article written by Mary-Jo Foley – "With Wave, did Google jump the (Microsoft) shark?".  Now if Microsoft commentators, were on the bandwagon, shooting down a developer preview, something really interesting must be happening. Today, I found an excellent write up over at Tech Crunch – "Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For a New Web.". I had to put away some time to watch the YouTube video.

This Google Wave Developer Preview presentation at Google I/O blew me away.

From a technical perspective it shows the power of browser applications, especially those using the newer features of HTML5 (this would appear to be the start of more to come). More importantly it is integrating the various streams of communications (email, twitter, IM, wiki etc) into a consistent interface. As information is updated on one screen, all participants in the "wave" see the update, which unlike email happens in real time.

The technology is going to be open sourced, using a published protocol – info can be found here for the Google Wave Federation Protocol with Google Code hosting APIs and samples.

This is the best example of a user
friendly Lifestreaming tool that I’ve seen. Its worth the time to watch the YouTube video.


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