McKinsey Cloud Report – further analysis

A little while back McKinsey published a report on clearing the air on cloud computing. It created quite a lot of buzz on the internet. 

Nicholas Carr on his blog  entry here "the big company and the cloud", suggested that he looked forward to further analysis. Yet I have not seen much.

What I have observed is the relative size of the IT departments here in Australia are significantly smaller then the 1704 FTE count sized organisation mentioned in the report. I’m looking to see how IT department’s FTE groupings relate to the one in the McKinsey report.

Thus I’m seeking your help and have put together a google form (it does not ask for your company name or email address). Please fill in the details on the below form, the summary will be available so you can see how your IT department’s FTE grouping compares to others.

If your browser doesn’t support iframes please click here for the form. Thanking you in advance.

Some further analysis supplied via my twitter friends by:


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