Who said it was expensive to get a new web site up?

After spending zero dollars, I have created a new web site newco1.com.  Its integrated in with twitter @newco1 , has a Facebook Page and its own Linked In group.

It even works with the iPhone and iPod touch and the newco1.com theme was done without a Graphic Designer.

This has all been done in a day.

Why did I do it?

Well, I’m working on a new lean startup, which I’m hoping will be CollectiveCycling.com (still in stealth mode). What I’m endeavoring to do is to use NewCo1.com to show my journey. The goal being that if I share what I learn, that others may benefit, as well as assist me to shorten the time it takes to iterate through the idea.

This is important as my time is the highest cost that CollectiveCycling.com has at this time. This is also invariably the case with most entrepreneurs. So you are welcome to participate through NewCo1.com or just to observe. Its up to you!


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