Poor IBM customer service

To participate in a number of IBM Business Partner programs you must purchase from IBM, an IBM PartnerWorld Value Package. Without this you are automatically unable to participate in the majority of other programs.

What I have observed over the last eight or so years, is a bureaucracy that has increasingly placed more obstacles and hurdles in our path that has not assisted our business.

When I closed our Salesforce.com account they rang me to get feedback and to confirm why we had chosen not to extend. It wasn’t their fault we were moving forward with a different business model. It was only after getting this confirmation and ensuring that we had our data (they even offered to package it up for us) that they closed our account. The actual reason for closing the Salesforce.com account was that we did not perceive there was any current value in pursuing IBM software sales into the mid-market as we could not find interest in IBM software.

We have payed good money over the years for the privilege of being an IBM Business Partner, yet all we seem to get is automated emails. Have attached the current one:

I’ll leave it up you to decide if you think the above IBM email is good customer service or not?


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