Observation about the media, Cloud and security

Its great to see the momentum around Cloud Computing in the IT news media and now also in general conversation. A few general observations I have follow.

Cloud is used to represent anything accessed externally – be it SaaS (Software as a Service) or a classical single tenant outsourced application. In general conversation, rarely is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service) mentioned. This may be swayed a bit by the fact that I converse more so now a days online with more technical types and developers.

Enterprise IT types in general say the Cloud is not secure. Conversation rarely moves past this point.

Few persons can describe what they mean by Secure. There appears to be an emotional as well, as effective characteristics to this, that I perceive relates to ownership and control of the environment. One question I do ask now is "Do your data center staff have Police security checks?". Very few persons know if they do or not and from what I can observe many don’t (not that I’m saying that your own staff aren’t trust worthy).

I believe its better to start to debate these issues, but as an industry we still have a way to go to define what the items are that should be debated. In the meantime, many a business executive, I feel will use their credit card and just buy the services that they want and/or need to accomplish the task at hand.

I already do leverage the cloud and have had no security related issues. Have you?


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