Australia is lagging behind with online business

“The Government is aware of various reports that suggest that online retail in Australia is lagging behind its international competitors. We know from some reports that 58.5% of Australian small businesses are not online, and 72.9% do not offer sales or transactions online,” said Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister for Australia at a government-organised Online Retail Forum in Sydney.

I found the above quote, not from an Australian news site, but from The Register, a UK based site. The full article can be found here.

These statistics do not surprise me, but I’m uncertain that the NBN (National Broadband Network) will change this. After all, if the businesses wanted to get online and trade, they could now. What is surprising me, is that the NBN is starting to initiate the discussions about how the internet could or should be used.

Its conversations, that need to occur. However, why these conversations havent in the past is what concerns me. The NBN provides plumbing, it will not provide the content, the applications and the business acumen to build successful internet based businesses into the future.


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