Private cloud discredited

"In a nutshell, an enterprise that builds a private cloud will spend more, achieve less and increase its risk exposure, while progressing no further along the path towards building a cloud applications infrastructure. " says Phil Wainewright on a zdnet article – Private cloud discredited part 2

In the article he states that prominent individuals in the technology world are stating that the case for a private cloud is based on organizational politics, not technology. 

From an Adrian Cockroft, CIO of Netflix post, titled How not to build a Private Cloud, Phil states that Cockcroft systematically demolishes the arguments against public clouds in the enterprise:

  • Too risky? “The bigger risk for Netflix was that we wouldn’t scale and have the agility to compete.”
  • Not secure? “This is just FUD. The enterprise vendors … are sowing this fear, uncertainty and doubt in their customer base to slow down adoption of public clouds.”
  • Loss of control? “What does it cost to build a private cloud, and how long does it take, and how many consultants and top tier ITops staff do you have to hire? … allocate that money to the development organization, hire more developers and rewrite your legacy apps to run on the public cloud.”

In summary, a private cloud can only make as a staging point in a transition to a public cloud. Hence my emphasis in a previous post on moving towards hybrid clouds. This type of transition will allow budget to be reallocated, over time, away from ops and capital purchase of hardware to application development that helps with the bottom line.


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