OSX Lion first impressions

OSX Lion InstallAfter installing Max OSX Lion, I was trying to figure out why I had just given Apple $30 through its Mac App Store. Today, I’m appreciating the subtleties introduced.

Yesterday, was the day that Mac OSX Lion was finally available. As with most Apple product launches, there was the build up to the eventual launch. I decided, with only having 3G broadband available, that I’d visit the Apple store at Robina to use their free WiFi service, and if I got into trouble with the upgrade to call upon an Apple Genius. Having found the Lion in the App Store (you couldn’t miss it), I clicked the install button, noting the price at ~$31 AUD (I’m still having a bit of trouble understanding why it is that we pay more here in Australia, when the Australian dollar is higher then the US dollar?). The download then began. It took some time but eventually it completed, asked me a few questions and then restarted my Mac Book Pro.

I saw a Mac Utilities screen asking me if I wanted to install from a Time Machine backup or complete a fresh OSX Lion install. I was thinking oh oh, what have I done wrong. There was no upgrade option.

I rebooted back into Max OSX Snow Leopard and found that there was 100s of MBs of upgrades available. Upon installation completion of the upgrades, I tried again with the Mac OSX Lion install. This time it worked. You can see from the photo, i’ve included, that by this stage the Apple Geniuses had given me a toy Lion, so they all knew I was doing an upgrade. I spent the next 30 minutes or so waiting for the OSX Lion install to complete. It was interesting just watching what was occurring in the Apple store. Lots of people asking simple questions about Macs.

Once finished, and after checking for updates (there was one to install a Java Virtual Machine) I had to rush out the door to get my meeting. It had taken a bit longer then I expected and I believe I may have downloaded close to 5 GB worth of data. So thank you Apple for the free wifi and helpful Apple Geniuses.

Later that day, I finally got to use it. I was pleasantly surprised that everything was working still with my more technical environments.

The one thing that was strange to get used to, and still is, was the scrolling of viewable areas. Its reverse to what it was.  More like the iPads. You can turn it back to how it used to work. But i’ve decided to stick with it for the time being.

There are a lot of little changes, that I’m finding, that just seem to work with you though. Over the next week or so, I’m sure I’ll keep finding more, they are subtle but seem to help you be more productive.

The Launchpad, is trying to bring the simplicity of finding and initiating programs from mobile devices, to the desktop. Its easy now, to find either free or paid apps and install them (as long as you have appropriate bandwidth for the size of the download).

As a matter of fact, thats how OSX Lion was delivered, was through its Mac App Store. No boxed products, or channel required. Am not hearing of people being unable to install it, but it looks like Apple will be selling a USB stick with the OSX Lion preinstalled through its Apple stores in August.


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