Aussies not good at consumer startups?

I’m sitting here trying to think of a half dozen Aussie startups that focus on the consumer market. Its hard to actually think of many at all, that do. Can you?

Australian IT is dominated by internal ICT departments, multinationals and large contracts to support government, energy and the materials sectors.

Now lets look at the breakdown of the listed players on the ASX by Industry Sector. The following pie chart, was created based on data from the ASX web site, as at 25th July 2011.


Whats very interesting is the small green slice, that represents Information Technology (IT). No not the 6.4% one, that is the Financials sector. The really small green one, 0.8% is IT. In fact IT, is the smallest Industry sector on the ASX.

What this is showing us, is that here in Australia we have not as yet developed a successful IT sector in its own right, that stands independent. To this end, the persons that are trained in Information Technology and other creative digital media end up in roles, where IT is considered a service provider to business. The customer is the business, its not a consumer.
To a large extent, the users of applications in an Enterprise are told they must use it, they have no choice. In the consumer world, its the opposite, they have a lot of choice. Design, user experience, availability and cost all play a larger part.

As we enter the mobile age of computing, that is presently dominated by Apple OSX and Android type devices, I’m slowly seeing change. Developers and creatives alike are building applications after hours. The barriers to entry for selling these applications on a global scale, have been reduced through App Stores. They are getting sales, they don’t need to sell to Australian enterprises, they simply are ignoring them as a customer.

There are some Aussie consumer startups about, but I don’t want to list them here. I’d like you to find them! Maybe support them by buying their application online. How many have you found? Are you surprised at the quality of the application? Do you like what they are doing?


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