Being distracted with social media

I’ve neglected this blog for too long. Its not that I don’t enjoy writing posts, its that other forms of social media have occupied my attention.

What I found in the past, was that I enjoyed writing the blog posts. It enabled me to solidify my thoughts around a topic. However, it didn’t help me directly create income or gain new sales. It had the effect of increasing my reputation in certain topics and creating influence in distant markets. I’ve found and gained some valuable friendships from it.

Suffice it to say, blogging has been a powerful tool to increase my social capital.

Yet what has been occupying my attention is the likes of Twitter (@hortovanyi), Instagram, LinkedIn and Four Square. You can find the places I engage from my page.

Its the immediacy of the interactions that keeps me going back. The thrill of having people, “like” one of your photos in instagram or receiving an “@ reply” on twitter is engaging.

Yes a comment on my blog does engage me to. But its a little more formal and considered. Maybe its just the subject matter I’ve been blogging about. Not to worry, I’ll start writing more posts!


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