Is your organisation ready to handle #clickfail?



It seems that Australian Executives are woefully unprepared to handle the opportunities that are being presented to improve shareholder value via the digital economy.

Gartner are suggesting that a new executive role of Chief Digital Officer is required to help organisations transition businesses from analog to digital.

This article on the Click Frenzy campaign highlights, I believe clearly, why organisations need a Chief Digital Officer. It shows that the majority of existing marketing/PR persons (in Retail only?) and executives appear not to be able to create an appropriately resourced digital experience.

Does your organisation have a Chief Digital Officer? 


2 thoughts on “Is your organisation ready to handle #clickfail?

  1. Seems to me to be a massive failure in two areas:
    1. “Sales” Forecasting. Perhaps understandable when doling something for the first time, but nevertheless, a real cock-up.
    2. Engineering. I wonder at the briefing documents that scoped the site, and the peak capacity built in. It is unimaginable to me that serious retailers would allow their brands to be trashed by this failure by not adequately risk-assessing the site peak capacity.
    Whilst it may be easy to see with hindsight, I understand the capacity was a million hits over a 24 hour period. It should have been obvious that most of them would be in the first hour, not evenly spread.

    • Allen when I was researching the elastic load balancing capability of cloud hosting services in Australia I found them saying there wasn’t much demand here.

      Elastic load balancing allows for the automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of capability to meet demand.

      The Australian executives have their blinkers on when it comes to digital technology. I’m just waiting for when they wake up to the fact they can’t ignore it any longer! For many, the wake up moment, unfortunately may be when they are being given a severance package.

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