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Using clever survey questions to quickly test the memorability, spellability and emotional response of potential domain names. Glad we did – almost picked a lousy one.

Problem: Domain Squatters

I’ve found what should be the joyous process of naming a company, quickly devolves into:

Founder A: Are you kidding with me?! How is every good domain taken!?
Founder B: Let’s make up a word. “” is availble.
Founder A: Maybe “”
Founder B: TwoGirlsOneCup…dot ly is available.

Most of the time we’re left with abysmal choices and forced to argue over which one sucks the least.

Some friends and I who were building a crowdfunding aggregator wanted to avoid all that, so we came up with a way to test our company/domain names with customer data. Here’s how…

Step 1: Crowdsource Ideas

SquadHelp is 99Designs for domain names. tweet-this-button That means you pay a couple bucks and SquadHelp…

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One thought on “

  1. Nice idea.
    It has further applications in identifying key words, phrases, and ideas in a promotional/advertising communication.
    Also perhaps in doing online U&A studies. Need to think about that last one, I suspect is may have the potential to partially disrupt the existing product placement research projects, as revisiting can be eliminated, as could recruiting in some circumstances.

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