How to prevent the NSA from reading your email


It always seems to take some sort of  major meltdown for people to bother to think seriously about security and privacy. Whether you’re afraid of being erroneously targeted for typing the word “bomb” one too many times or you just don’t want someone sniffing through your private correspondence, there are steps you can take to make it effectively impossible for the sneakiest hacker – or the savviest NSA agent, as the case may be – to monitor your missives.

Encryption is essential

When done correctly, encryption is all but impossible to break (yes, yes, every encryption scheme is technically breakable, but in today’s reality, good encryption is for all intents and purposes unbreakable). And while nearly 70 percent of companies use encryption to store sensitive data, many companies and individuals don’t bother to take these same measures for email. Even though every single day we likely send sensitive or personal data such as credit card and social…

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