Vinod Khosla: A huge opportunity is removing the humans from IT


One of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators in the enterprise is cutting out the human IT staff and going full automation, potentially with technologies like deep learning, said venture capitalist Vinod Khosla at Gigaom’s Structure conference on Wednesday. “It’s ridiculous to have humans manage the level of complexity that they do. People are a big cost in IT. Let’s take that out,” said Khosla.

Picture taking the data that these IT systems are putting out and use that data to build adaptive systems that have the capability to utilize human judgement and decision making. If these types of tools could be built and sold to enterprise customers, it could dramatically reduce the cost of needing to use human IT staff to make these complex decisions. It would be like a next-generation Splunk, said Khosla.

These types of nimble applications are enabled by the rise of everything as a…

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