Cloudera: Impala’s it for interactive SQL on Hadoop; everything else will move to Spark


Despite some speculation over the past few days about what it means that Cloudera wants to port the Hive SQL-on-Hadoop engine onto the Spark processing framework, Cloudera Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson (pictured above) says nothing much has changed. Well, nothing has changed with regard to Cloudera’s Impala product, that is. There’s actually quite a bit happening elsewhere in the Hadoop and Spark ecosystems.

Simply put, Olson said Impala is the future of interactive SQL queries on top of Hadoop as far as Cloudera is concerned. “Impala is flat-out faster than the fastest thing Hortonworks or anyone else has ever done with Hive,” he said.

Cloudera — along with IBM, MapR and spark startup Databricks — is working to port Hive onto Spark as an acknowledgement that Hive workloads are still very important to the company’s customer base and that “running on MapReduce, Hive really, really sucks.” But, Olson added, Hive was built…

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