Going visiting in real world – off to the Bay Area

For years, I’ve sat behind my screen to read, view and consume content about the tech world and startups. However its dawned on me of late, that you need to get over to the US and see & do things in the real world. Why? Because regardless of the power of the internet, most entrepreneurs and techies around Silicon Valley do things in person. You need to be there.

I want to experience this culture, not just observe things through the internet. Which of course, is open somewhat, to interpretation and to my own uncorrected biases. Through getting on a plane, and doing the long flight over the pacific, I’m hoping to learn and gain experiences that can help me accelerate my current stealthy endeavours. Its a quest, many Australian techies and entrepreneurs are taking of late.

There are many reasons for this. The main reason seems to be, frustration with the current environment and ecosystems in Australia, to support early stage tech endeavours. Many, like myself, get all excited and enthused via their online activities, only to find that, when they get out from behind their desks and talk to people in the real world (in Australia) that the reality is so different. I’ve often thought, it was just a lag in time between the US and Australia. Now, I’m not so sure! I’m leaning more towards a more conservative business and finance culture, that has limited understanding of the culture of tech entrepreneurs, creative & programmers.

So I’ve booked my trip. Two weeks in San Francisco and the Bay Area, arriving 28th July 2014. I’ve yet to fill in my calendar, which I’m looking to start doing next week. Am going to use my network to find relevant people to meet, am going to go to meetups – interested in Streaming Analytics, Big Data, Quantified Self, Wearables, Startups – idea to IPO and of course I’ll do a few touristy things besides visiting Apple, Twitter etc.

It’ll be an adventure. Will I want to return home or stay there? Lets see. I think I could be swayed!


5 thoughts on “Going visiting in real world – off to the Bay Area

  1. Have a great time, both as an intellectually nourishing experience and as another bloody Aussie tourist.

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