huh Apache Storm graduated out of incubation to a Top Level Project

Today I got a bit of a surprise in my email inbox. It was titled “Apache Storm Graduation to a TLP”. It was surprising, because just last week I’d questioned if the Apache Foundation really had the correct governance in place for this incubation project. Now they seem to have gone against all good software engineering principles and promoted the project to a top level Apache Project. When clearly the software is not ready.

Last week I wrote “A tempest is brewing with Apache Storm – what’s going on there?” where I was really questioning the whole Apache Foundation governance of the Apache Storm incubation process. To me, this software is not ready for prime time. Yet today, I get a notification that it has graduated.

Apache Storm Graduation

Besides governance, the project has feature creep issues plus a number of other technical issues that really make this project unusable by anything other then a large Silicon Valley based development team. To back up my argument, lets have a look at the current Apache Storm (Incubating) Issues.

There are at the time of it’s graduation a whooping 274 Open Issues, 205 Resolved with 25 closedApache Storm Graduation Issues

Now lets look at the 274 Open Issues by Assignee. There are 92% or 251 issues unassigned to anyone. That is no one is looking at these issues at all.

Apache Storm Graduation Unresolved Issues

By any standard or methodology, one can only look on at this project and question what is happening. The project is still clearly, not in a position where its governance or technical merit is ready for main stream. I’m still in the same position as before – what is going on at the Apache Software Foundation?


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