We believe

We believe…
Software is changing the world
Data is the lifeblood of change
Developers are the new King makers
More than 2.3 billion Internet users globally connected
One plus billion Internet users in Asia
New Interent users in Asia in 2012: 102,000,000
One plus billion social media users globally
Facebook (900+ Million) Twitter (200+ Million) LinkedIn (150+ Million)
World Wed Web had half a Zetabyte of data in 2009
Zetabytes? 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes = 1000 Petabyte, Big Data
In 2013, humans will create 4+ Zetabytes of new data
Stored in massive warehouse sized datacenters
Cloud Computing is changing economics
Re-imagine everything
Old methods aren’t being improved
They are being made obsolete
By Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud
Race against the machines?
Join us as we discover more
You ain’t seen anything yet
Toast Technology

Extended and updated 1st January 2013


Project Glass: One day

If you’ve not seen or heard about Google’s Project Glass http://g.co/projectglass then watch this video.

Google believes technology should work for you – to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

In a GigaOm Article Media companies: Embrace Project Glass, it’s going to change everything http://bit.ly/SpZS8I they elude, that media folks, should start making connections and beefing up your technology departments.

Could your organisation implement this technology or is it going to be disruptive to your industry?

I suppose the question really is not, if it will be disruptive, its just a matter of when!

Are you ready?

Dawn of new productivity

How many people reading this, do you think would now employ someone if they didn’t know how to type, use a word processor or spreadsheet? Not many I’d say.

Its been years now since I’ve used Microsoft Office which used to be the killer productivity application in the PC era. If I need to edit a document, I use LibreOffice (its free in many ways) but thats only if the people I’m engaging with still want a document to be attached in an email.

I’d much prefer to use Google Docs and just share the document. In Google Docs, you have been able to have multiple people sharing and editing the one document through a web interface for a while. Sure it may not have been as feature rich as the latest version of Microsoft Office but we haven’t needed those extra features to be productive with our suppliers and customer. We achieve what we need to do efficiently without going backward and forwards through emails and using change tracking.

Whats more we can be working anywhere, that we have internet access and still be productive.

As some now argue, we are in the post PC era, whereby the tools and methods developed for that generation are now just becoming something expected. Its the hurdle that you have to overcome, which our children learn at an early age, to be able to participate in the modern knowledge based workforce.

But what may you ask, are the current productivity tools that add value now? Well for me, its the ability to engage through social media with tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and this blog. They allow me to build up social capital with persons, such that if I need assistance, I have a pool of people available to me from wherever I’m located, on whatever device, to help get me answers.

Its this now, the ability to grow social capital and increase your reach that is the dawn of new productivity. Its just a given, that people can type, use a spreadsheet or create a document. But would you employ someone if they are even more productive online with social media?


Being distracted with social media

I’ve neglected this blog for too long. Its not that I don’t enjoy writing posts, its that other forms of social media have occupied my attention.

What I found in the past, was that I enjoyed writing the blog posts. It enabled me to solidify my thoughts around a topic. However, it didn’t help me directly create income or gain new sales. It had the effect of increasing my reputation in certain topics and creating influence in distant markets. I’ve found and gained some valuable friendships from it.

Suffice it to say, blogging has been a powerful tool to increase my social capital.

Yet what has been occupying my attention is the likes of Twitter (@hortovanyi), Instagram, LinkedIn and Four Square. You can find the places I engage from my about.me page.

Its the immediacy of the interactions that keeps me going back. The thrill of having people, “like” one of your photos in instagram or receiving an “@ reply” on twitter is engaging.

Yes a comment on my blog does engage me to. But its a little more formal and considered. Maybe its just the subject matter I’ve been blogging about. Not to worry, I’ll start writing more posts!