We believe

We believe…
Software is changing the world
Data is the lifeblood of change
Developers are the new King makers
More than 2.3 billion Internet users globally connected
One plus billion Internet users in Asia
New Interent users in Asia in 2012: 102,000,000
One plus billion social media users globally
Facebook (900+ Million) Twitter (200+ Million) LinkedIn (150+ Million)
World Wed Web had half a Zetabyte of data in 2009
Zetabytes? 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes = 1000 Petabyte, Big Data
In 2013, humans will create 4+ Zetabytes of new data
Stored in massive warehouse sized datacenters
Cloud Computing is changing economics
Re-imagine everything
Old methods aren’t being improved
They are being made obsolete
By Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud
Race against the machines?
Join us as we discover more
You ain’t seen anything yet
Toast Technology

Extended and updated 1st January 2013